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Indigenous Affairs 1/02 - International Processes - Perspectives and Challenges

This issue of Indigenous Affairs focuses on the results achieved through indigenous peoples' participation within international bodies and processes. Editorial by Lola García-Alix Possible priorities for the first years of work of the Permanent Forum on indigenous issues by Ted Moses Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Perspectives and Challenges by Suhas Chakma Future Perspectives on the draft declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples: human rights at a crossroad by Mililani B. Trask The use of UN human rights mechanisms by indigenous peoples:Past practices and emerging challenges by Suhas Chakma The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Human Rights by Alberto Saldamando The Un Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights and fundamental rights of indigenous people: Benefits for Indigenous People in Africa by Maureen Tong The World Conference against Racism: Continuing Racism against indigenous peoples by Alberto Saldamando The OAS working group on the proposed American declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples by Fergus MacKay Forwards or backwards? The World Bank, Indigenous Peoples and International Development by Tom Griffights An introduction to the WIPO intergovernmental committee on intellecetual property, genetic resources, traditional knowledge and expressions of folklore by Mattias Åhrén


Indigenous Affairs 3/01 - Self-Determination

This issue of Indigenous Affairs focuses on the question of self-determination for indigenous peoples.The struggle for self-determination is the fundamental pre-requisite for indigenous peoples to be able to enhance their rights and improve their situation. Contents: Editorial by Christian Erni and Marianne Jensen International Implementation of the Right of Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples by John B. Henriksen Americas From Sovereignty to Freedom: Towards an Indigenous Political Discourse by Taiaiake Alfred Landmark Victory for Indians in International Human Rights Case against Nicaragua by the Indian Law Resource Center Arctic Self-Government in Greenland by Jens Dahl Nunavut: The Still Small Voice of Indigenous Governance by Peter Jull A 5-Year Plan to Create a Public Government in Nunavik by Gérard Duhaime Asia Indigenous Peoples' Self-determination in Northeast India by Christian Erni


Indigenous Affairs 4/08

Order through: Bindrai Institute for Research, Study and Action (BIRSA), att. Mr. Samar Bosu Mullick This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. These are not directly translated from the English Indigenous Affairs, but a collection of extracted articles translated to Hindi in 2006 and 2007 by B.I.R.S.A. (Bindrai Institute for Research Study & Action) 


Indigenous Affairs 4/01 - Sustainable Development

This issue of Indigenous Affairs focuses on issues of sustainable development and indigenous peoples. It seeks to give an overview of the World Summit on Sustainable Development process, the input to the process provided by indigenous peoples so far, and to present concrete case studies relating to sustainable development and the problems faced by indigenous peoples around the world on these issues. Contents: Editorial Indigenous Peoples and the World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD) by Joji Cariño International Towards the World Summit on Sustainable Development: A Brief Introduction by Birgitte Feiring Dialogue Paper by Indigenous Peoples by CSD Indigenous Peoples Caucus Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Research in the Arctic by Mark Nuttall Elizabeth's Walk Tshakuesh's Meshkanu by Jane McGillivray Africa Decentralization, Natural Resource Management, and Community-Based Conservation Institutions in Southern Africa by Robert K. Hitchcock The Sahara's Indigenous Peoples, the Tuareg, Fear Environmental Catastrophe by Jeremy Keenan Asia The Karen Response to Thai Conservation Policies by Chumpol Maniratanavongsiri


Indigenous Affairs 2/01 - Militarization

The attempts by indigenous peoples to assert their unique identity and rights to self-determination often results in military repression and persecution. This issue of Indigenous Affairs examines these problems on a global scale. Out of print! Contents: Editorial Militarization and Human Rights Violations by Marianne Jensen Asia Stories of the Voiceless by Aküm Longchari Militarization and the Chittagong Hill Tracts by Chandra Roy Militarization in the Cordillera Region, The Philippines by Joan Carling and Benedict Solang Oceania Prison, Torture and murder in Jayapura by Oswald Iten High Noon in West Papua Tensions grow in Indonesia's easternmost province by Oswald Iten Millenarian Expectations and the Dreary Realities of Life under Indonesian Occupation in West Papua by Danilo Geiger The Kwajalein Atoll and the New Arms Race The US anti-ballistic Weapons system and consequenses for the Marshall Islands of the Pacific by PCRC Arctic USA's National Missile Defence Threatens Greenland's Exiles By Aqqaluk Lynge Africa Human Rights in the Gambela National State by Nykiaw Abula Ochalla The War Games Victims by Johnson Ole Kaunga Americas Autonomy in Chiapas, Mexico By IWGIA We want to be both Indigenous and Mexican Message from the national Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN) Autonomy Strengthens Democracy Responses from Adelfo Regiono Montes... The Peace Process in Chiapas has suffered a new setback International Peace Service - SIPAZ




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